The Rationale

Creating a synergy between government personnel and experts in environmental science and ecology, that will improve the quality of life in Israel

We believe that making informed and scientifically based decisions is a highly valuable tool that can aid policymakers in developing solutions that improve the quality of life in Israel. The scientific challenges that Israel’s society is facing today – at a local, national, and international level – are immeasurably more complex than those it was facing a few decades ago. Identifying and characterizing such challenges, and then finding and implementing proper solutions, is becoming an increasingly complicated task.

Our goal – to strengthen science’s relationship with environmental policy and with the mechanisms of policymaking in Israel – is grounded in our understanding that increased cooperation would empower all parties involved, promote an informed and intelligent management of 21st-century challenges, and improve the quality of life in our country.

Our Goals

Building a group of young leaders and experts in environmental science who are motivated to make an impact in the public service

Training scientists to acquire a familiarity with public administration and its various mechanisms in order to make scientific knowledge accessible to government personnel

Making solution-oriented scientists available to the government for direct support and continuous involvement in environmental policy and decision-making

Creating a platform for cooperation to strengthen the future integration of environmental science and ecology experts in the public administration

Our Mission

Promoting quality of life in Israel through environmental and ecology experts that directly support policy-makers

The Mimshak Fellowships aims to form a leadership cohort of young, talented academic graduates who are trained to act effectively in the public sector, improving environmental decision-making in Israel and promoting dialogue between the scientific community and public policy makers in Israel.

Mimshak was established by the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences in cooperation with the School of Government and Policy at Tel Aviv University and the Israel Academy of Sciences in 2011.

Programs that Inspired Mimshak Fellowship:

The American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Science manages and administers Science & Technology Policy Fellowships in five program areas to provide the opportunity for accomplished scientists and engineers to participate in and contribute to the federal policymaking process while learning firsthand about the intersection of science and policy.

The David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship Program

The David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship Program seeks to develop future world leaders and entrepreneurs who are successful at linking conservation science and application. Smith Fellowships provide two years of postdoctoral support to outstanding early-career scientists.

The Aldo Leopold Leadership Program

The Leopold Leadership Program provides outstanding academic researchers with the skills, approaches, and theoretical frameworks for translating their knowledge to action and for catalyzing change to address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges.
The training complements their research knowledge base with the communication and leadership skills required to effectively convey to non-scientists the relevance of their work in addressing some of today's most pressing environmental challenges. Through a competitive application process, up to 20 researchers from the U.S., Canada and Mexico are selected each year as Leopold Leadership Fellows and participate in the training program.

The California Science and Technology Policy Fellowships

Offered by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), the California Science and Technology Policy Fellowships place professional scientists and engineers in the California State Legislature for one-year appointments. These professional development opportunities will enable fellows to work hands on with policy-makers to develop solutions to complex scientific and technical issues facing California through their interaction with the legislative process. The fellowships are ideal for qualified applicants who are interested in improving the interface between science and legislative decision-making and who want to learn the public policy decision-making process. Fellows will be placed, for one year, in various offices of the California State Legislature.

The Team

Dr. Amir Fink
Mimshak Director
Amir has a B.A. (Hebrew University), an MA (University of Chicago) and a PhD in archaeology (Tel Aviv). He is a graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.
Dr. Tali Sagi
Director of Training and Alumni
Tali has an MSc. and a PhD in Biology from The Weizmann Institute of Science. She was also a Mimshak fellow, at the Ministry of Environmental protection.
Liron Dana
Recruitment & Selection Manager
Liron has an B.Sc. in Geology and Environmental Studies from Ben Guriun Uversity.
Noghat Calev-Dror
Administrative Coordinator
Noghat has an M.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University.
Noghat also the office manager of ISEES.
Dr. Ori Sharon
Ori has a PhD in environmental Law from Duke University, North Carolina. He was also a Mimshak fellow at the Planning Administration, in the Department of Finance.