Directed Training


During the fellowship program, fellows gather every week for one day dedicated to study and training. This lasts for the entire year, and is coordinated with the progress in the fellows’ work. The program includes familiarization with the public arena and the decision-making processes in the government, alongside content from the realms of law, economics, planning and environmental theory.

Applied work and professional guidance

Fellows gain a great deal of practical experience working in government offices for four days every week, accompanied by senior authority figures and continuous professional guidance.

Development of personal abilities

The fellowship program brings its members into contact with key persons in the public sphere. Furthermore, fellows also take part in workshops for developing personal and professional skills relevant to their field.

Targeted contents and the finest lecturers

The curriculum was developed by the Israeli Society for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, and by the Harold Hartuch School of Governance and Policy at Tel-Aviv University. Lectures, workshops, groups discussions, conferences and field trips are all conducted by the finest lecturers in academia, and by senior public service personnel and key figures in the private sector.


  1. Science and Policy
  2. Design of Public Policy
  3. Government, Governance and Public Policy
  4. Decision-Making
  5. Public Administration
  6. Economy and Budget (Budget Division in collaboration)
  7. Economy and Environment
  8. Israel’s Society
  9. Sustainability and Environment
  10. Israel Planning Policy
  11. Law and Environment
  12. Industrial and Business Sector and the Environment

Skill Development

  • Self-presentation, public-speaking
  • Communicating information effectively
  • Adapting scientific issues to the appropriate audience
  • Science communication workshop: a toolbox for working with the media
  • Formulating a work plan
  • Negotiation and Debating
  • Writing workshops: Writing reports, policy papers, editorials
  • Integration into government offices: the cultural transition
  • Workshop for building a personal vision
  • How to integrate yourself into the public sector: internal and external tenders, consulting


Science Communication Workshop

Science Communication Workshop


> Practical experience in using a variety of media outlets (writing press releases, participating in a television interview, writing an op/ed column, using web-based media)

> Mapping the strengths and weaknesses of existing media forms and boosting the confidence of scientists when appearing in the media or speaking to decision makers

> Personal and direct contact with the leading environmental journalists in Israel Understanding the target audience for scientific-environmental knowledge (its needs and its limitations